Espaço Israel Pinheiro – CIBS on the Road – Brasília, March 7 to 9, 2013

During our recent trip to Brazil in March 2013, CIBS senior staff members, James Ito-Adler and Biorn Maybury-Lewis, made a initial stopover in Brasília, between March 7 and 9, where we had a series of meetings, visits, and encounters in pursuit of our mission to support international educational exchanges between Brazil and the U.S.

Espaço Israel Pinheiro (EIP)

DSC_0055DSC_0054DSC_0049EIP Rain catcher

One of our first stops, on Friday March 8th, was a visit to the Espaço Israel Pinheiro (EIP), a marvelous site located next to the Bosque dos Constituentes in the Praça dos Três Poderes in the very heart of the federal capital. Oriented by Ministra Maria Helena Pinheiro Penna, Cônsul Geral-Adjunta at the Brazilian Consulate in Boston, and grandaughter of Israel Pinheiro who was responsible for the construction of Brasília as well as being its first administrator. We spent a fascinating hour in the company of Mr. José Alves, administrator of the Centro Educacional, touring the impressive new building, visiting the beautiful grounds, and trying out the interactive digital exhibits designed to integrate visiting schoolchildren into the Center’s themes of environmental sustainability and citizenship. Joining us was our friend and colleague, Profa. Caroline Nagel Moura de Souza from the Universidade Católica de Brasília, as we tried out the various interactive exhibits including making it rain on the Cerrado, saving the fish from pollution, and viewing the film on the historic construction of the Plano Piloto. CIBS enthusiastically supports this important venture in combining environmental sustainability, historic memory, and citizenship.

Below are fotos taken by Biorn Maybury-Lewis during the CIBS visit.



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