Ciências Sem Fronteiras – Link to Article on 101,000 Brazilian Science and Technology Students Studying Abroad

President Dilma has made it her country’s priority to provide scholarships for up to 101,000 Brazilians to study overseas during the coming few years, in the vital areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).  Prioritizing these areas has created an enormous opportunity for Brazil and its next generation of students as well as raising a number of policy questions, not the least the enormous logistical and educational challenges associated with identifying candidates, ensuring that they are properly prepared for advanced study, and organizing their placement in overseas institutions. Brazil and its partners  abroad will be working on these logistical and educational policy issues in the coming years.  James Ito-Adler of president and co-founder of CIBS, Claudio de Moura Castro, Hélio Barros, and Simon Schwartzman, all specialists in Brazil’s higher educational policy agenda, have written an important article on this initiative as it was unfolding in 2012, Cem Mil Bolsistas no Exterior, available here.


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