Brazilian Studies in New England

A Major CIBS Research Initiative

CIBS is undertaking a research study of the myriad institutions of higher education in the New England region of the United States, ranging from the community colleges to flagship state universities to the select liberal arts colleges to the Ivy League, documenting the number of professors, students, programs, initiatives, language courses, study abroad options… related to Brazilian Studies.  This is a fundamental effort to “map the terrain” regarding the major indicators of the presence of Brazilian Studies in the region, offering policy makers, specialists, students, and those interested in Brazil a clear idea of where Brazilian Studies “fits” into the region’s contemporary higher educational offerings.

As New England is one of the most important areas for higher education in the United States and, indeed, the world, the data base and analysis are already proving to be a rich resource for those interested in how Brazil is perceived, studied, and, above all, understood in the United States.  Moreover, it offers Brazilians insight into where international education, including a focus on Brazil, has potential to grow and gain influence in the coming years.


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