“The United States: a counterexample,” by Biorn Maybury-Lewis, in Special Issue #5 (June 2020) of the “Cooperative Approaches” Journal

Cover of "Cooperative Approaches" #5 (June 2020)

The Cooperative Approaches Journal, which partners with the Cambridge Institute for Brazilian Studies, has just published, in its June 2020, Issue #5, a special edition dedicated to responses to Covid 19 around the world (Please see the entire edition at Cooperative Approaches, Issue #5, 6-12-2020). 

Cambridge Institute for Brazilian Studies Executive Director Biorn Maybury-Lewis has contributed the article entitled, “The United States: A Counter Example” (pp. 39-53).

Biorn’s contribution offers an historical approach to why the United States “response” has been nothing less than catastrophic through an analysis of the genesis of US statecraft, since the Reagan “Revolution” culminating in the presidency of Donald J. Trump.

Among other features, Issue #5 includes articles on regional and country responses to the pandemic in the United Kingdom, Africa, Mozambique, Niger, Italy, and Argentina.

Please take a look!



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